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Take the time to rejuvenate yourself with Bodyfriend

Bodyfriend invents top of the line massage chairs, with only one thought in mind - experience beyond a massage. Bodyfriend was able to break the stereotype around massage chairs. Along with our expertise in providing comfort and relaxation, Bodyfriend's aesthetically appealing massage chairs add a stylish flourish while enhancing lifestyles to become healthier and more vibrant.

Daily inspiration is evoked with Bodyfriend and ordinary space is reborn to become a dignified healing space.



Bodyfriend's exclusive technology evokes inspiration and provides comfortable rest.

Special Sensibility, BODYFRIEND

Coupled with the ability to embellish interior space, Bodyfriend's intelligent sensor technology allows for an interactive massage experience to provide uncompromised value.

First-class inspired Phantom, sporty Rex-L, and timeless President create a new generation of massage chairs. With Bodyfriend, massage chairs have become more attractive, stylish, and most importantly, intelligent. Bodyfriend's persistent approach to smart healthcare technology is centered on health, innovative design, and convenience.

Special time, BODYFRIEND

Bodyfriend designs personal enclosed spaces for users to disconnect from the world and appreciate time alone to reconnect with their senses.



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