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Cafe de Bodyfriend

Heal and enrich the senses at Café de Bodyfriend

Café de Bodyfriend is a lounge café for anyone to come experience our massage chairs in a relaxing and non-burdensome environment.
During your visit, experience many of our innovative and trendy massage chairs to satisfy even your smallest, most personal needs.
La Cloud’s latex mattresses are also accessible and highly encouraged to be experienced at our cafes.
See how Bodyfriend can redesign your home into the healthy lifestyle that our products promise to provide.



Place that our body and minds become healthy

Relax and de-stress at Café de Bodyfriend, where space is designed to enhance comfort and relaxation

To fill the air with comforting aroma and enrich taste buds with premium coffee, our master roasters only use the freshest coffee beans to roast coffee daily.

Healing space that satisfies the senses

Café de Bodyfriend takes various forms from hideouts for individuals to relieve a day’s worth of stress to a sophisticated cultural learning space.