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Sleep soundlessly on clouds
Italy imported 100% Natural Latex Mattress.

Among many European countries that produce latex mattresses, Italy was the first to mass produce latex mattresses. Italy's history with premium latex production legitimizes and specializes their expertise. Thus, La Cloud mattresses are produced solely in Italy.

The quality of our mattresses are just as reputable. La Cloud has passed strict European test regulations for durability (CATAS), toxin-free substance (Eco-Institute), and is even OEKO-TEX certified.



Natural Latex Mattress with sincerity of Italian artisan

The best latex mattresses are made of unsliced 100% natural latex. Therefore, La Cloud factories produce the thickest unsliced 100% natural latex mattresses that pass through 6 different stages of the production cycle as well as a year of dehydration.

Features of Natural Latex Mattress

Experience the many benefits of La Cloud's premium latex mattresses.

  • Latex is extremely durable and maintains the same form and elasticity throughout the years
  • Hygienic factor naturally resists bacteria, mold, and etc.
  • Minimized noise and motion transfer
  • Pin holes allow excellent air circulation for perfect sleeping temperature
  • Strategically placed air-holes for superb body pressure distribution
  • Evenly distributed pressure on body provides firm individualized support and increased blood circulation
  • 7-Zone Support System

    Strategically placed air-holes create a 7-zone system which eliminates negative space to fit each contour of the body and provide optimal support based on body pressure distribution.

  • ECO-TQL2 (Total Quality Latex)

    Precision vulcanization processes upgrade the heating and dehydration processes to produce a whole new quality of latex mattress, with twice the productivity levels.

  • 4 Channel Air-Hole System

    The 4 channel air-hole system provides a pleasant and healthy sleeping environment by further increasing air circulation, enhancing its own antibacterial elements and assisting in restful sleep through all four seasons.

Quality of Natural Latex, La Cloud

Reputable exclusive technology value

La Cloud is beloved by people around the world

La Cloud currently exports to 24 countries worldwide. Everyone from small families to celebrities and sleep clinic institutes enjoy the benefits of La Cloud mattresses. Bedrooms are transformed into precious rest havens with La Cloud.



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