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Wellness Water

Whenever, Wherever, Whoever Stylish Wellness W Water Purifier

Wellness W Water Purifier The 3 filter technology of W water purifiers remove 99% of heavy metals and bacteria while retaining natural minerals within the water. Free of power lines, W water purifier introduces a stylish new purifying system removing the water tank, the breeding ground of bacteria, and replacing it with convenient 3-step filter system.

Pop-Pop Carbonator Insert, turn, and it done! Easily make sparkling water in the convenience of your own home. W carbonators quenches unsatisfied thirsts and adds freshness to life. With the largest carbon dioxide cylinder volume, enjoy carbonated water that lasts. For the most refined taste buds, upgrade to our sparkling water carbonator.




Enjoy clean, mineral-enriched water at the touch of your fingertips. With its slim design, wireless body, and high performance, W water purifiers modernize the kitchen and bring forth healthier lifestyles.

Everyday new lifestyle, W

Wellness W water purifier is the most practical water purifier with a convenient self-changing filter system and wireless design to save energy and costs.

Wellness W water purifier Awards

Award winner for premium technology and innovative design.

Stylish Water W

Cleverly designed W water purifier is charming from any angle.

W Artist Collaboration

Craig & Karl is a world-renown pop artist duo also known as the magicians of pop art. With W?셲 collaboration with Craig & Karl, we hope to add color and a burst of life to our products.

Freshness starts from W

Space is not the only aspect redesigned with W.
Wellness W water purifier's recreates the existing perception of water purifiers. With an easy filter change system, drinking water is made simpler and lifestyles are healthier.



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