COMPANY PROFILE - BODYFRIEND COMPANY designs your healthy lifestyles.

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  • We are committed to providing superior wellness products, solutions, and customer service.

  • In 2007, Bodyfriend remolded the traditional market landscape for massage chairs to emerge as an innovative market creator by introducing a lease-to-own platform for our consumers. Bodyfriend has doubled our growth annually due to our dedication to R&D and innovation. We currently possess a global network throughout 24 countries, with a strong presence in European and Asian markets. However, to achieve our goal of becoming a global wellness industry leader, we will expand into American and Chinese markets starting 2017. Our dedication to make wellness solutions accessible and affordable to anyone and everyone is supported by our infrastructure, from innovative R&D centers to cutting edge distribution centers. By continuing to uphold our philosophy to "provide smart wellness devices using innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions," we believe we will be able to reach our full global potential.

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