C.I - You can appreciate Corporate Identity System of BODYFRIEND.

  • Concept

    “Total Healthcare Brand” is Bodyfriend’s corporate identity. To emphasis a modern and simple concept, Bodyfriend uses a letter-type design which also fits the image of delivering a professional message.


    Bodyfriend’s font exudes confidence with their straight strokes and minimizes strain on the eyes. The overall look is neat and friendly which embraces Bodyfriend’s philosophy of pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

  • Logo

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  • Basic Word Mark

    Bodyfriend’s word mark is an element of the company which symbolizes and features their brand. It complies with strict rules and principles to prevent image distortion, deformation, and etc.

  • Basic Word Mark
  • Exclusive use of color

    Color is another important means of delivering our company’s message and culture. Our use of royal blue symbolizes confidence and our motto of “Premium Smartness.”

    • CMYK(C0, M0, Y0, K100), RGB(R34, G30, B31)
    • CMYK(C0, M0, Y0, K65), RGB(R125, G125, B125)
    • CMYK(C60, M15, Y100, K0), RGB(R12, G72, B139)
    • CMYK(C15, M0, Y25, K15), RGB(R208, G220, B234)