BF Culture - The activities of BODYFRIEND COMPANY for better future.

Dynamic Company, Bodyfriend

Bodyfriend is a dynamic company that encourages open communication and cooperation to energize our staff and build a creative company culture.

Learn & Grow up

  • BFC Training

    We offer training sessions where new staff are on-boarded and can learn about the company’s history, values, and future missions.

  • Workshops

    We set aside time for team-building workshops to not only strengthen teamwork, but to also provide opportunities to build leadership skills.

Innovate Organization

  • Service Design

    Breaking the stereotype of normal service centers and delivery processes, we design user-friendly solutions based on the needs of our customers.

  • Corporate Culture

    We encourage collaborative, active brainstorming to consider and reflect the insights of all our employees. People from all different backgrounds come together to work and create a more fun and productive working environment.

Raise the Value

  • X Raising Value

    We help our employees by offering lectures and courses on all aspects of CS, service-oriented mindset, professionalism, and etc. which foster growth and allow them to develop a sense of ownership about their work.

  • Cross Meeting

    We promote cross meetings between different departments and divisions to facilitate synergy within the workplace.

Interact with Community

  • Culture Sports Business

    Bodyfriend interacts with the community through diverse channels by sponsoring activities such as sporting events, entertainment shows, and etc.

  • BFC Health Sharing Project

    Bodyfriend puts into practice their claims of supporting health and livelihood through their products, services, and community outreach.