CEO Message - BODYFRIEND COMPANY is a total healthcare group, designing the healthy future with smart solution.

We will take a leap to be a global leader of healthcare that is beloved by people from around the world

Bodyfriend is soon to become the forefront of the wellness industry with its dynamic growth and ability to identify and satisfy customer needs. Currently, our company product line consists of innovative Bodyfriend massage chairs, premium Italian latex La Cloud mattresses, and stylish W water purifiers. But we won't stop there. We will continue to upgrade current products and also create new products to have a presence within every room of people's homes. We dedicate ourselves to benefitting and improving the wellbeing of all humankind.

We establish a distinctive business strategy to become a leader of healthcare company

  • Design Management

    With our state-of-the-art designs and distribution processes, we are making our way to the top of the wellness care industry.

    • Innovative Designs
    • Centrally Controlled Distribution Processes
  • Customer Satisfaction Management

    We have earned the trust and respect of customers by constructively managing and maintaining high quality service and customer care.

    • Provides Brand Value
    • Customer Service Design
  • Quality Management

    As a premium wellness care provider, our brand value depends on quality products and we stand behind the quality of our products 100%. Thus, we only use highest grade materials engineered by the finest architects for superb quality.

    • Premium Wellness Device Brand
    • Guaranteed Superior Quality Products
  • Ethics Management

    To continue being a brand consumers can trust, we uphold our moral code and strengthen our reputation through transparent business practices.

    • Transparent Management Processes
    • Ethical Corporate Governance
  • BODYFRIEND COMPANY has the spirit of creativity and innovation

  • We understand the crucial role innovation can play in people's lives, which is why innovation is our core business concept. We have created a new R&D center where specialists of different areas of expertise from around the globe join together to drive innovation. Thus, innovation is present within every aspect of our business from our designs, technology, products, and even distribution processes. Furthermore, our relentless drive to serve our customers by offering affordable prices and excellent customer service does not go unnoticed. Bodyfriend is the no.1 trusted massage chair company in Korea and leaps to soon become a beloved global industry leader. Words cannot express our gratitude for everyone's relentless support and interest in Bodyfriend. Thank you.



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