Design R&D

We constantly observe and capture every aspect of life into our designs.
Thus, we feel immense gratification when we see how our designs are used and integrated into daily lives.
With our eminent industrial designers from diverse backgrounds,
our design team combines advanced technology with practicality. We strive to design amazing products as well as experiences that give new value and inspiration to life.

Design Strategies

  • Design management

    ?쏡esign Management??is a core competency of ours which mobilizes our visions for the future.

  • Global trend analysis

    We analyze global trends embodied within daily life and incorporate them into our designs and technology.

  • Emotional design

    Our product designs inspire vitality and trendiness by appealing to all 5 senses.

  • Service Design

    We raise the bar by enhancing the designs of GUI, applications, and etc. of our products.

Design Awards

Design fair

Artist Collaboration

BODYFRIEND COMPANY Brand Artist Collaboration for the first time.