Technology R&D

Our concept of i-Technology stands for insight, inspiration, and innovation. Based on that concept,
our technology R&D centers generate ways to increase the quality of human life.
Every stage of the developmental process for our products follows this philosophy and builds the foundation for our business strategy.

i-Technology - interface, innovation, inspiration

Strategies of Technology

R&D Investment

We believe our strategic competitive advantage comes from our R&D investments which continuously evolve exiting technology, foster the growth of new technology, and enables our ability to emerge as an industry leader.

Global Network

Our advanced technology is an input of worldwide research and a collection of global trends.

Patented Technology

We have been recognized for our originality, technical excellence, and ingenuity by the Korea Trade Center Assessment of Knowledge.
Among our numerous patented technologies, we are proud to disclose 4 main patented technology valued around 12 million USD.

Quality competitiveness

Global safety and quality certifications establish our accountability and strengthen the public's trust in our company.

Technology Trend Research

To stay relevant in an IoT field, we need to continuously innovate and perfect our technology.
Through strategic technology partnerships and our expertise in our respective field, we hope to drive further growth and emerge as the leading global wellness company.